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Forum Locked RAPPORT Lesson Module
START HERE! This is where it all begins. You see, Rapport is the Core. When you learn Rapport correctly using Breath Body Mind Motion, and with an open and honest mind you'll be responsible for warmer relationships and more honest conversations.
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Forum Locked CONFIDENCE Lesson Module
Ah, Confidence! We all want it, don't we? What we'll teach you here is the process of confidence in terms of the NLP PLUS structure, and how to apply it to yourself quickly and cleanly. You must complete the rapport module first.
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Forum Locked TRIGGERS Lesson Module
Classical NLP calls these "anchors". In NLP PLUS, they're much more versatile - much more powerful, as you'll see here.
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Hey, whether you call them affirmations or prayers, this method of change is as old as the pyramids. Why is this different with NLP PLUS? Because you'll first be responsible for intense body and mind changes, and then you'll say your affirmation in a way that will create a unique physical and mental sensation.
Requires completion of the CONFIDENCE Module

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Forum Locked With Your Best Voice - Speaking with Confidence
[CONTAINS SOUND] Speaking with Confidence comes from the proper use of a relaxed voice box. Here, we reveal the vocal techniques used by singers and actors. We show you that the breath control that is mandatory for proper speaking, correct body posture and how throat relaxation gives your words impact.

After this lesson, even small talk will never be the same.
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Forum Locked Introduction to Persuasion
Here you'll be getting into pacing a person's present train of thought, and then gently leading them using non-intrusive, friendly techniques.

Persuasion in NLP PLUS first requires that you complete all the previous modules. In addition, you must understand basic English grammar - nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs.
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