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 Required Reading before accessing these lessons
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You must disable any popup blockers to use the online lessons

Here's the short answer on how to use view these lessons:

  1. Make sure you set aside enough time to exclusively give your attention to the lesson you are about to view.
  2. Choose a private place, where no one can bother you, and that you can assure yourself that you will not be interrupted.
  3. Eliminate all distractions; turn off your television, mobile phone, and radio.
  4. Because of the attention that these lessons demand, it is recommended that you turn off all computer applications except for the browser windows associated with NLP PLUS
  5. Because of the intensely dynamic content of the lessons, it is recommended that you turn off all computer applications except for the browser windows associated with NLP PLUS
  6. Examine the slide in front of you
  7. Move to the next slide
  8. Examine the next slide, then mentally review the PREVIOUS slide
  9. Rinse, and repeat

I think you're getting the picture. These lessons are meant to be taken seriously, and not viewed casually. You should view each and every slide as if you simply had all the time in the world to review them. If you feel rushed, then you should view the lessons later.

You must also trust yourself when viewing these lessons. While you've got plenty of time to access them, don't attempt to take lots of notes about the lessons. Actually, the best way to learn this information is not to take notes at all. Think about it - if you take notes you are bacially telling yourself that you're not capable of taking in the lesson, aren't you? You can always take notes weeks later.

To help you remember the content, after you are taught each new lesson concept you'll find neat little some quizes. There's muliple choice, a sorting quiz - even the hangman game you remember from childhood! The results of these quizes are not scored - they are only help reinforce to you the content of the material.

You may occasionally find that, as you are examining a lesson, the grammar may awkward become. It may Yoda seem like. This is to force your subconscious mind to take a hard stop, and pay close attention to the material in front of you.

The recommended pace for these lessons is one lesson every other day. In other words,

  • Day 1: Lesson
  • Day 2: Mentaly review yesterday's lesson without looking at it, and perform the lesson's techniques
  • Day 3: Next lesson
  • Day 4: Mentally review the previous two lessons, and perform both lesson's techniques
  • etc. etc.

You are urged not to proceed to a new lesson until you have successfully performed techniques from the previous lessons.

Remember, this is a Professional Lesson Series. It's targeted for people that need to really get serious with learning Confidence and Persuasion. It's for people that absolutely must get this, whether it's for their daily lives or whether it's required to earn a good living.

This is not about practice, this is about performance. Got that? Good.

Now, go ahead, and enjoy!

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