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You've made an investment in this website, and I know that you want to take this investment in your future seriously. So, to protect your investment, this area has a protection mechanism to prevent anyone from hyjacking your membership.

Now, this system is keyed to your computer, and includes your browser type and operating system. Cookies are used to help maintain the security.

This mechanism only allows you to log in on one computer at a time. So, if you are logged into a first computer, and you want to log into a second one, you need to log out of the first, first! Got it?

Now, it important that you maintain the cookies for this website while you are logged in. If you delete your cookies, or if the cookies don't match your computer, you will get locked out of this system, usually with a message stating that you are already logged into another computer.

If you ever do get locked out by changing your computer configuration, or accidentally delete your cookies, or for any reason, you can always reset your security just by changing your password.

Just look in the upper-right hand corner of the Membership area. See the link marked Forgot Password? and Reset Security ? Just click that and follow the directions to reset the security on your membership.

Thanks, and Enjoy your Membership!

William Anthony

Country: USA | Posts: 29
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