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"A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become, and
start being the man you want to be!"

NLP PLUS! was created by:

Goal Technologies

Goal Technologies
William Anthony, Executive Director
675 V.F.W. Parkway Suite #304
Boston, MA 02467 USA

About Goal Technologies
Goal Technologies is a media consulting firm, specializing in building Trusting Relationships. Our focus has always been on helping people communicate effectively in competitive environments - how to win what you want, quickly and efficiently, with the impact of a diamond bullet.

For years, Goal Technologies has presented to our clients a system of confidence-based persuasion rooted in a person's belief in their own personal integrity. Contrary to the movie images that portray them as slick hustlers, most corporate executives are honest, professional people who believe in the products they are selling. Most would not represent themselves in a less them honest manner.

Corporate versions of the Confidence and Persuasion System detailed on this website is available starting at US$5000. The personal system is called NLP Plus and is available for much less. Bulk discounts are available on a per-seat basis.

Corporate Services include:

  • Success Coaching
  • Executive Speech Training
  • Crisis Communication and Management
  • Media Analysis
  • Inspire you to perform at a level you never imagined.

Clients have called our methods direct, sharp, inspirational, and encompassing. They must work right the first time - because, when you think about it, you rarely get a second chance to save a company's who's spirit is waning.

You're going to have questions. And we've anticipated that.

First, if you want to contact me directly, whether it's about whether NLP Plus is right for you, or about corporate services, here's my email address:

You can also take advantage of this wild and wonderful internet and join the NLP Plus Yahoo Group.

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