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"A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become, and
start being the man you want to be!"

You know that man or woman who constantly gets ahead? That person who really seems to get along with everyone and everybody? The boss loves them, and they get more dates than leaves on a tree. And you can't understand why.

The Secret is RAPPORT!

Rapport is when you create trust, harmony, and cooperation in any relationship [Dilts, 1990]. Rapport is the ability to create a compelling connection with another person - a connection so powerful, so controlling, that they can actually obey your very thoughts. It's the charisma possessed by so many great leaders of history - Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Napoleon, George Washington, Giuseppe Garibaldi, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and more.

And in the history of each person, it's been proven that they weren't born with this power - they learned how to do it.

Do you wish to possess this amazing power?

When we get rapport with someone, we create connections and bonds so powerful that people feel compelled to do whatever we want. All skepticism aside, it's already a scientific fact that this ability does exist. And this ability is available to anyone, if you want to learn it.

When someone is in rapport with you, you listen because you want to! You simply can't help yourself.

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? And over time, it simply gets better.

Think about the advantage you can have over your competition.

Rapport and the Brain - A Scientific Study
In 1993, researchers at the Boston University Medical Center got together to study how relationships develop among couples. They hooked these couples up with wires everywhere, monitoring their muscles, breathing, heartbeat - even an EEG! And as they sat down to observe the couples, they noticed some very unexpected behavior... you see, as the couples began to realize what they have in common, their body postures and facial motions moved to match each other almost involuntarily. The rhythm of their breathing slowed, then began to sync in rhythm. The couples began to move synchronously, as if in some slow, private, sensuous dance.

And then, one of two shocking things occurred. First, the researchers watched as the couples heartbeats began to beat in time to each other. And then,  the researcher were speechless when they saw unmistakable brainwave activity - identical brainwaves! The couples were thinking alike!

There were thinking, feeling, acting alike. In very simple terms they were in perfect harmony with each other, and themselves. They were in rapport!

NLP Plus provides for you this same simple and powerful method of rapport.

NLP PLUS Facial RapportNLP Plus Rapport creates a sudden and instant connection, like a fist grabbing a heart. See the people at the right? The matched facial expression makes them clearly look like a couple, doesn't it? Even if they've only just met, the attraction from the technique is obvious, isn't it?

The complete NLP Plus Rapport module expands on the irresistible power of this technique.


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