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"A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become, and
start being the man you want to be!"

NLP PLUS is clear and specific. Persuasion is amazingly simple, because there is nothing to memorize.”


Top Rated!  -  Joseph R. Plazo, MBA, Success Expert & Founder of Exceed International
"William... hat's off to you! I just breezed through the Rapport lesson. Gotta say this: your delivery cuts down a 100 page rapport to the basics and offers a mean-ass avenue of actually remembering it well! Snazzy!"

Brilliantly Simple  -  Bill B., NLP Trainer
"Got home this morning at 1:00a.m. and successfully logged on. Because I was so excited I went ahead and did the rapport module and I gotta tell ya I've been doing NLP longer then I care to admit and I was familiar with much of the material BUT what I didn't know is a whole new world for me. I'm absolutely certain it will make a huge difference and yes its simple. Brilliantly simple. Thank you sir."

No Nonsense - Chris Stephens
(about the NLP+ Voice Module) "I heard how you used your voice in the voice vamp. Wow, I never gotten that kind of effect outside of certain songs before ... this is a no nonsense way to move someone."

Unified and Consistent  -  Jonathan H
"The major drawback to classical NLP is not in what it teaches, yet rather the way that it presents this information. Unlike some other systems, classical NLP is inconsistent. The patterns and models of which it is comprised have absolutely no relationship to each other. Learning and implementing NLP requires a lot of unnecessary and less effective work.

... contrast this with William's NLP+ system, which is unified and consistent in a way that classical NLP is not. It describes every pattern/model in the same terms (Breath, Body, Mind, Motion), it allows progressive learning (i.e. learning one thing enables one to understand another), and most importantly, it takes all of the disparate models of NLP and relates them to each other in a coherent way."

Simple and Natural  -  Angelo Giancana, United States Navy
"I did just recently purchase my membership on NLP+ ... I'm impressed! The reason I like it so much is that it resonates with my idea of simplicity by going to the core of what works.

My take on how it is so simple. Everything refers back to the Breath Body Mind Motion structure. Instead of memorizing a vast array of techniques with different ways of using them, you just simply build up your habits using one simple structure of BBMM [Breath/Body/Mind/Motion], which if you will notice, the BBMM is something we already naturally do.

I used the Rapport version and ... I've had my first success in non-verbal in terms of the BBMM. ... when I was a child, as I just love to visit with family and friends to celebrate Christmas Spirit. Now I just simply purchased NLP+ and it seemed perfect as I can enhance things when I celebrate the Spirit of the times."

Elegance is Profoundly Evident  -  Bill B., NLP Trainer
"After going through the modules a couple of times I'd like to add some observations... First, for me NLP Plus isn't something I'm studying, its something I'm doing, which is refreshingly different from the standard Person A, Person B and Observer model used in trainings I've attended in the past. One simply completes the module and your ready to go, in fact that's what your instructed to do [by NLP+], go out and bring the material to life before returning and calibrating your experience to the module.

Second, the simplicity, or to use a NLP term "elegance", is profoundly evident from the start ... the organizing structure, Body/Breath/Mind/Motion is stressed throughout, making the material very difficult NOT to remember!

Highly recommended!"

Impressed with Content, Setup, Presentation  -  Jon
"...Recently [purchased] my membership on NLP+ and I can say that so far it is very interesting; I'm impressed! Likewise, was pleased with the module I looked at. Good content ... setup and presentation. Yeah, simple is better.

Non-Verbal Hypnosis?  - captainpoque
"I did the rapport module last night and went out to a mall for an hour or so today.

There was a girl that looked good from the back so I began matching her motion. We walked side by side for awhile and then split up in the crowd. I wound up about 20 feet ahead of her and as I angled in front of her to go into a book store I thought it would be cool if she followed me in. As I walked into the store I saw her stopping in front and looking in as if contemplating entering and then she did.

Close enough to qualify as non-verbal hypnosis for me!"

Universal Truths  -  Jon
"One of the reasons I like this system (or approach...) is that quite a few other disciplines I've encountered embrace this methodology. (Tai Chi, qigong, and yoga being some of them.) Makes me realize that universal truths apply to many things."

A Floating Sensation  -  Chris Stephens
"While laying on my bed doing ... [the NLP+ Confidence Structure] I felt the floating sensation to the point where I felt like I was thrown off a building. Actually it was a falling sensation... After that the fear went away and I just get the floating sensation, like there is no bed underneath me. You just have to feel this to believe it, it took me completely by surprise when it happened, because I did not know what to expect.

I'm also aware of rapport now. I noticed two people, an older women in her 50's, with a younger woman of 20 or so, mirroring each other, not unlike the pictures in the rapport modules"

God I've Changed  -  Mark
God I've changed since I started doing NLP+. I don't care if I make mistakes anymore.

A Lot of Value  -  Jon
On Christmas Eve... I completely forgot where my car was parked. After losing 45 minutes running what should have been a 10 minute errand, I went out to where I thought my car was, and was completely bewildered when I realized that I wasn't going to find my car quickly....

Then I did something REALLY cool, ... I remembered the website lesson, regarding the 4 important points, breath, body, mind, and motion and decided to put it to the test.

First I started with breath. Remembering how people breathed was in direct correlation to how they were feeling, I focused on full deep breathing. I felt better immediately!

I went to adjusting my body posture. Heads up, straight back, etc. My mind wasn't a hard adjustment after this; clear, focused, methodical, it remembered where I parked the car. I found it about 2 seconds later, sandwiched between two vans.

The last thing, motion; walked over to my car. Cool, calm, collected. Head up, smooth focused movements like I was doing Tai Chi. Very cool....

1) The NLP + structure works really well. If anyone is reading this and is looking for an endorsement, look NO further. Playing with this for only a day, I see a lot of value in the product.

2) I think a lot of people may be here to learn NLP as a means to influence people around them. It seems to be the focus of a lot of groups I've read on the internet, the goal to use NLP to assist in sales, meeting people, etc.

Nothing wrong with that, but I'm going to play devils advocate; it works equally well with influencing yourself. Don't forget this obvious benefit of quieting a busy, flustered, and otherwise angry mind. This benefit alone makes learning the 4 points worth your while regardless of any other reason.

I Felt Their Passion
Had an interesting New Year's experience. ... On the way back from my shopping, I decided that I would experiment with what I had learned from the NLP+ rapport demo, so to the best of my ability, I matched the gait, posture, facial expression, and breath rate of everybody that I walked past. It was an amazing experience. As I matched other people, I felt my emotions shift, and I felt lots of new things that I had never felt before. ... I've heard William say in the past that this stuff is addictive, and now I can understand why. I now make every effort to practice rapport with everybody I walk past.

Then, on New Years Eve, I met up with some friends I hadn't seen for the last three years, and we went to a bunch of different parties ... we knew absolutely nobody at any of these parties. ... I decided to experiment with the NLP+ rapport system, and met several interesting people. Basically, what I did was to stand to the side of the room, and when somebody walked by, I greeted them in a relaxed, confident manner, and asked them how they were doing. 9 times out of ten, they would stop going wherever they were going, and would greet me back. Then, after making small talk for a while (w/ lots of NLP+ verbal/non-verbal matching), I'd find something that they were interested in and would start asking them about it. After just a few questions, they generally went on and on about the subject all by themselves. The really cool thing was that I felt when this emotional shift happened. It was like they felt short of casually interested, and then suddenly I felt their passion. Then, when I felt that it was time to move on, I simply changed my emotion using BBMM...  It definitely was an evening I enjoyed, and it added a totally new meaning to working a room in a party (why walk when they can come to you?)

NLP+ and the Confidence Module is Great
NLP+ and the confidence module is great..  it's just simply a structure ... simply use the NLP+ module and whatever else you learn into your own unique way of doing things and living.


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