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"A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become, and
start being the man you want to be!"

"NLP+ teaches you how to Change Minds and Influence People"

A: NLP stands  for NeuroLinguistic Programming and is about 20 years old. It was originally developed as a technology for enhancing personal communication and, since it includes learning how to persuade without resistance, is similar to some styles of hypnosis. While the exact origins and early stories about NLP are somewhat apocryphal, Classical NLP was originally a summary of some of the best work of the past 100 years in the fields of social history, linguistics, and relationships from people such as Jessica Stearn, Gustave Le Bon, Leslie LeCron, and Gregory Bateson. It was revolutionary in it's day, and has also evolved into enhancing a self-help product. Classical NLP has  spurred a large series of books, videos, and other products, with some more effective than others.

Q: What is the popularity of NLP?
A: NLP is enjoys widespread popularity. It's used extensively in politics and by professional communicators such as television broadcasters, political pundits, and public relations officers. It's common for many business professionals are take NLP lessons at an increasing rate. Leaders that have been called Masters of the NLP communications model include Donald Trump, David Letterman, Dr. Phil, and Bill Clinton.

Q: What is Rapport?
A: Rapport a critical skill needed in persuasion, and to sustain any relationship. Rapport is when you feel intimately connected with someone on a deeply emotional level. Physically, there is a limbic lock that occurs between two people, causing a definite physical sensation. Rapport is not guesswork - you can feel when you are in rapport with someone. The most common sign that you are in rapport with someone is a sudden impression of being physically closer to someone. In NLP+ Rapport, you may experience warmth of the face with intense feelings of deep intimacy. NLP+ Rapport opens an unguarded trust. Any good businessman, politician, or lover can generate rapport with anyone in a split second.

Who uses NLP?
A: NLP is successfully used to increase productivity and efficiency by the U.S. Olympic Team, the U.S. Army and Navy, and many major international corporations. It is also used to make powerful communications impact in politics and was used by U.S. President Bill Clinton extensively during his successful Presidential campaigns.

What are some of the difficulties with Classical NLP?
A: First of all, Classical NLP shares the same problems as almost all of the confidence, self-help, and persuasion programs that have been taught. Because of the way these programs are presented and structured they are  notoriously difficult to learn unless you have an extensive memory and can call upon an appropriate technique to use at an appropriate time. Look, if these programs had been structured properly, then you should be able to use the techniques to learn these techniques, right? A Confidence lesson should give you Confidence in the lesson. A persuasion program should persuade you to remember the material. Right?

Another issue with Classical NLP is that it is often not used as intended. NLP should be used to help people connect with each other, not to start arguments and internet flames. A self-help process that lends itself to hurting people is not an effective self-help process.

Q: What is NLP PLUS?
A: NLP PLUS is a system of highly structured online courses that teach confident persuasion. The entire system is designed for memory retention. Each technique is based upon the holistic structures of Breath, Body, Mind and Motion. These define not only the method of the techniques, but are also a memory system that insures long-term retention of the material. In many cases one only needs to be exposed to an NLP PLUS lesson just once to remember and retain it's effectiveness.

For example, here is the NLP PLUS Rapport Structure. It is simple, basic, and powerfully effective -  just the demo can give you enough to start building strong relationships.

Q: What makes NLP PLUS 'holistic'?
A: Because NLP PLUS encompasses emotions, behavior, and thinking. The Breath, Body, Mind, Motion structure is designed to directly affect the most primitive part of our brain, the part which controls breathing, body posture and balance, facial expressions, and movement.

Q: What parts of the brain does NLP Plus work with?
A: Our reptilian, or primitive, brain sits at the top of the spinal cord, grabbing the closest connections to the rest of our bodies. It consists of:

  • The Pons & Medulla Oblongata, which governs breathing, heartbeat, facial muscles, and eye muscles,
  • The Amygdala, which governs fear and our heartbeat
  • The Basal Ganglia which controls balance, posture and body motion.
  • The Hypothalamus, which mediates all Pavlov conditioning, and
  • The Limbic Lobe, which is responsible for feelings of friendship and intimacy

You can see that the primitive brain affects many of our physical and mental systems that are uniquely both voluntary and involuntary. Our primitive brain controls self-defense, hunger, licking of lips, sexual drive, breathing, body posture, and balance.

Q: Do I require prior experience with NLP or any other discipline to learn NLP Plus?
A: Absolutely not! NLP Plus is a standalone discipline and requires no prior knowledge of NLP or any other persuasion product. Expect a new level of understanding with NLP+.

Q: I have self-esteem issues. Can NLP Plus help me with that?
A: Absolutely! You see, people with low self-esteem don't have the self-control to top their self-criticism. Now, most systems attempt to deal with the self-criticism, but that doesn't stop new criticisms from jumping in from your subconscious. NLP Plus "vaccinates" you against self-criticism by giving you the self-control to completely smash those damaging thoughts. As you relax deeply into your own subconscious mind, your inner self-control brings into play powerful inner resources that will inoculate yourself against your critical mind. People, places, or things that used to disturb you will no longer bother you simply because your subconscious mind will prioritize them as simply unimportant.

Q. What is the track record of NLP PLUS?
A: NLP Plus is based on a highly successful process that has been taught to salespeople, politicians, and small business owners for the past three years. The Breath + Body + Mind + Motion structure to not only insures retention of the material, but also amplifies it's effectiveness by providing noticeable focus and control over the results.

Q: What are the system requirements for the NLP PLUS lessons?
A: Well, let's talk practical here. You should not be multitasking while you are watching the tutorials. That means that, just before starting the tutorials, you should close all browser windows except the window accessing the member's section. Other than that:

Minimum Recommended
Performance Pentium 200
PPC 300+
Pentium 400
PPC 500+
Browser Internet Explorer 4 or greater Internet Explorer 5 or greater
Connection Dialup or better Dialup or better

You must enable pop-ups!

At this time, the Firefox browser is not supported because it does not support the "trusted application" model we use to protect your privacy.

You can easily test your system by running this free online demo. Click Here to run the Confidence Lesson Module demo.

Q: Why is NLP PLUS being offered now?
A: Why has the self-help section of the bookstore become one of the largest sections of the bookstore? Why is effective sales training so difficult to find? Why are so many self-help programs easily forgotten?

Many self-improvement books crowd the shelves today: Books with compelling titles, fat introductions, and lots of padding. It's not uncommon for someone to buy one of those books and discover that maybe only six or seven pages really had any understanding and insight. Or maybe you made a purchase off of what finally appeared to be the book that would answer all your questions, but when UPS delivered the book you quickly discovered that the typically useless reviews had exaggerated once again.

C'mon, now. Isn't this just another gimmick? What really makes NLP PLUS different?
NLP PLUS focuses on self-control Now, listen to this: we are chiefly motivated by what we FEEL - by our EMOTIONS. That means that a proper understanding of confidence, motivation, and persuasion requires true emotional intelligence and real self-control. And the problem is that because studies show television and computers inherently FORCE us to be more and more visual, while simultaneously dulling our emotional intelligence, many people are losing their emotional satisfaction. And nobody is teaching you emotional satisfaction, are they?

Listen up, because this is one of the most important concepts you'll ever learn in your life: You Are Responsible For How You Feel. Your emotions, and how you feel at any given time (what Classical NLP calls your "state") is your responsibility. It is up to you to decide to not depend upon others in order to feel good.

NLP PLUS is a powerful blend of interlocking methods that have a firm basis in memory imprinting and technique triggering.

NLP+ will teaches you rapport, anchoring, pacing, and leading in a way that you have never, ever experienced it before. It will teach you confidence and charisma, persuasion and relaxation, and so much more. And NLP+ will teach you how to personalize these skills. If you want the proof, read the testimonials.

Q: Why is NLP PLUS so easy to remember?
A: As you'll soon see, it's all based upon Plus Points. Plus Points are the memory facets your brain uses to create powerful and instinctual motivation. And, each Plus Point corresponds to an NLP+ technique.

The Plus Points are BREATH, BODY, MIND, MOTION.

You'll learn that RAPPORT is a function of Breath, Body, Mind, Motion. You'll learn that ANCHORING (what NLP+ calls CUEING) is a function of Breath, Body, Mind, Motion. You'll learn that CONFIDENCE is a function of Breath, Body, Mind, Motion. And, especially MOTIVATION is a function of Breath, Body, Mind, Motion.

NLP PLUS completely bypasses what does not work, and goes straight to the real center of what really works. And then, it places you at that center - in control, and in command.

Learn how to listen to your gut instincts, put passion into your life, and find the happiness you've been looking for. Because once you have control of yourself, you can take control of your life.


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